Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Words Ellie "knows" - I use quotes because sometimes she's only said the following words once, albeit clear as a bell. Mama Dada Howie Nite-nite All done Eat Niles (not that clear but we know who she's talking to) Yes No Nay

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Things I don't want to forget

There was a commercial for Hershey's chocolate syrup that sings "Stir it/stir it/stir it up" and when Ellie was a baby, Bryan would take her hands and make her "stir." When she gets tired, she lays down, puts a monkey on her face/head, and sucks her index finger. She has a billion nicknames. Doodles, deedles, sugerplum, turtle dove, Ellie bellie, splish splash (especially in the bath), monkey, crazy, sack of spuds. She LOVES to rough house. She loves when I "fall" on her and "Squish her." She loves being upside down and swinging. I either hold on to her ankles or throw her over my shoulder. She is an animal lover. She loves our dogs, daycare lady's dogs, all the dogs in the pound... Daddy's hand was the "scary ghost" and tickler!