Tuesday, January 29, 2013

speech therapy

Today was a great speech therapy day. Ellie was perfectly happy and comfortable, talking a bit. Ms. Katie said that Ellie is one of her most imaginative kids, always playing with everything - today it was gloves and a mirror. She said up, hop, help ("hep"), and thank you (the sign). Ms. Katie said that because of Ellie's progress our continued twice a month sessions are perfectly in keeping but if she falls behind, we can always move them up and increase frequency. I'm so glad Ms. Katie got to hear Ellie chatter a bit. At one point Ms. Katie said she was just going to sit back and listen to her while Ellie chatted with me. It was just so sweet and wonderful. I'm very proud.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


SUCK ON THAT! Sorry my beginning isn't more professional but I'm just so excited. The GI officially took gtube off the recommendations and cancelled her biopsies. In fact, we're back to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Weighing in at 22 lbs 3 ozs when totally nude and just shy of 34 inches tall, she's only a few pounds from the 3-5 percentile! If she continues, she will have 2 more visits and be cut loose. So the key is duocal, heavy whipping cream and peanut butter for us lol. Most 2 year olds gain about 6 ozs a day, Ellie gained closer to 7 (6.6, at least). WOOHOO I SAY! WOOHOO

Sunday, January 20, 2013

ENT, Speech Pathology, I love you

Last Sunday Ellie finally said "I love you mama." If I hadn't been so exhausted I would have cried. It made me incredibly happy. We were hiking for 2-3 hours and I had to carry her most of the way. By the end she was so tired she was just snuggling up to me and when we were maybe 20 feet from the car she said it. I said, "I know, baby, I love you, too." Bryan giggled. On Monday Ellie had her follow up ENT evaluation. It was an amazing appointment. First, when they weighed her she came in at 23(!!!!) pounds!!! HOORAY!!! Second, her hearing was tested as just fine. :) Tuesday was her speech pathology appointment. As usual, she wouldn't say a word. We have speech twice a month beginning next Tuesday. Tuesday is Ellie's GI appointment. I'm hoping we can fatten her up and make the GI even happier.