Saturday, February 9, 2013

more vocab

Yesterday Ellie's daycare teacher says that Ellie pointed to her friend at daycare and said her name. Awesome. This morning Ellie has said buppa, pop-pop, and pretty.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Today Ellie's daycare teacher came into my office in the back to let me know that Ellie is talking. I guess I'm so used to it that I didn't realize it was news to her. She said that she would tell a child no and Ellie would repeat "No." She said, "We'll be right back," and Ellie said "Back." I've noticed that she also tries to imitate words and the intonation of what I say. The other day I was singing "turn this party out" and I heard "out" from the back seat. Ellie's current vocabulary out up bath no yes help (hep) off on hot hi bye "Ah" means peanut butter Ma is Max I'm mum mum Daddy is da-da I've heard her say Raspberry, banana, and monkey but only once so its infuriating. In the same vein of maturity I took her shoes and socks off and set them on the floor. She immediately picked them up and took them to her room to put them away.