Friday, June 28, 2013

School info

The meeting for the school was really easy. I met with the school coordinator and a speech therapist for the school district. They reviewed with me the findings of the evaluation so everyone would be on the same page. Then we went over the goals for the year and the objectives (Baby steps) to get Ellie there. I agreed with all the objectives and goals, signed some paperwork and they said she would be in a cross-categorical class at Shiloh Elementary. She is supposed to attend from 7:45-1:45 five days a week. She will not be riding the bus, one of use will be taking her.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's been a while

No surprises since I'm a lazy SOB. Ellie's last day of daycare was May 30th. The owner sold the place. We were so sad to see it go. Her teacher, Ms. Sabrina, wrote a glowing evaluation of Ellie for her intervention program. Ellie reached 25 lbs so that was exciting to see. Unfortunately she was sick this past weekend and got sick again today. Hoping that isn't causing any weight loss. 25 lbs at least gets her on the chart, if barely. She also had a great growth spurt. It seems everything is within her grasp, which can be... scary. LOL Today she had her eligibility evaluation from the state's early intervention program. They consider her incredibly intelligent, expressive, and independent. However, her lack of speech was enough to get her into the program. Right now it looks as though she will be attending Anniston Elementary in August. In two weeks I go back to discuss the results of the evaluation in more detail. Then we'll have another meeting before her third birthday to iron out more details. She still loves LOVES LOVES music. We have dance party - we put on the music channel and everyone dances. She loves the song "Cups" by Anna Kendrick and insists on listening to it all the time. Literally. She makes us rewind any thing - commercial, program, even the radio - that has music she enjoys (which is mostly everything). She can already sing many melodies, including twinkle, twinkle/abc and some of the songs she hears on the radio or tv (Taylor Swift).