Thursday, January 19, 2012

*yawn* walking, daycare

Well, its been officially established by the PT and our services coordinator that there is nothing wrong with Ellie physically, she just has no desire to walk. They are continuing services though. She can walk, and she will if she wants to or we force her to do so. Its not like we can bribe her with cash or cars or tv or video games. She just has to want it on her own. Further, because of her small stature, crawling has not been shown to be a hindrance to her. She can move quickly and easily through any situation without pain or problem so walking isn't a necessity at this point. Tomorrow I am bringing her walker to daycare.

Daycare is going great. We found a fantastic woman to do in home daycare with her twin 3 year old girls and her 4 month old son. Ellie was excited yesterday when she realized where we were going and today when I put her down with the toys she was happy as a clam. Daycare is trying to help facilitate the walking with a bathrobe belt under her armpits, or holding her hands as they walk somewhere but overall, still no desire. Ellie will walk until she doesn't, and then sit down.

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