Wednesday, February 22, 2012


It appears we are almost done with PT. I can't believe it. Even when I see Ellie walk with my own two eyes. The therapist said we were on the downhill side of things, and that we may be able to cut back on the frequency of PT soon. She even suggested weaning Ellie off the walker.

Today Ellie walked the entire length of our hallway (15-20 feet) without falling or crashing or stumbling, even. She didn't even charge full speed ahead and lunge into me like she usually does. She climbs and walks and plays and every single time I'm just amazed. She pushes chairs around the new hardwood floor. She walks to the window to look outside and wave. She climbs up the incline of the couch cushion on to the couch. We put a cushion in front of us so she walk to us and then put her hands down on the cushion so she can remain and stand upright(ish)if she so desires.

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