Sunday, June 10, 2012


I took Ellie to the pedi yesterday after she got suntan lotion in her eye, and had what looked like an allergic reaction. While we were there she cried out most of it so no biggie. However, the pedi on duty (not our usual pedi) mentioned that if she's not speaking by next month she will be referred to speech therapy. I said not to worry because we already know she needs ST and her next eval will be right after she turns two. Regardless, this led my husband to ask if she's mentally impaired, or has other problems (a/k/a is she dumb). She's not, she just doesn't want to talk. However, I looked up ways to help speech progress and one way is to get a dog. My husband is adamantly against this. I looked at the sheet the original ST gave us, which wasn't helpful. But of course, now I'm worried.

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  1. That's interesting that dogs are supposed to help with speech. We have 2, and our son definitely likes to imitate their sounds (he pants, he starts squealing like our pug when we go out for a walk, etc.).

    I think it's really really typical for PRS kids or any kids who had a cleft palate to have a speech delay. Our son has a few words and a few signs (similar to Ellie's list in the previous post) and he seems to understand a lot more than he can say. I'm not particularly worried, but we are doing speech therapy once per week since it's free through Early Intervention and it can't hurt (although honestly it doesnt seem to be helping much at this point either - hope you guys have better luck!).