Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Speech, genetics

Ellie is absolutely in love with Ms. Kaz, her new speech therapist. So much so, Ellie was distracted and unable to fully participate lol. I like her as well. I'm very satisfied with our first official therapy session with her. Genetics called. Evidently all of Ellie's tests came back negative and clear. No spot growth hormone problems, no thyroid issues, and the Cornelia De Lange was negative. Should be good news, right? *BUZZ* Wrong. The geneticist, the pathologist, and even myself are convinced she still has it. The test is only 60% accurate and only tests 2 markers so there is a very real possibility Ellie still has it, as we all think. Now we have to go back and meet with an expert to see if we need more labs and/or blood drawn. Good times, good times.

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