Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's been a while

I have waited to post simply because I wasn't sure what was new to post. She's been maturing and progressing. Her teacher on Monday said that he felt she had really come a long way since the beginning of school. He's right. In retrospect she's made leaps and bounds by miles and miles. Tuesday there was a pediatric walker for one of the students in the classroom and it was an exact replica of the one Ellie used to use. Ellie grabbed it and remembered how to use it. Her teacher said he couldn't believe there was ever a time she couldn't walk. A stagger observation since it seemed to take her forever to walk! She's really using more 2-3 sentences, asking where people are, what are they doing, what something is... I'm really quite proud of the progress. Of course she also has days where she makes it blatantly obvious she's special needs. Like the other day when she ran around screeching, flapping her hands, ran up to some kid and felt up his thigh, generally invaded everyone's personal space... special needs. Those days ding at my heart a little. She has an ENT appointment in March but I don't expect too much from it. Her last dental check up was pretty much par for the course: looks good, keep brushing and flossing. They said they would worry about braces, pulling teeth, and x-rays when she's closer to 8 years old. So we have time. I think her next eye appointment is this summer. I need to schedule her IEP/teacher conference but we had 2 weeks of snow that shut down school (non-consecutive) so I completely forgot about it. It's definitely not on the top of my to-do list.

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