Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Normal Baby Stuff

Tomorrow is her physical therapy evaluation, so today I'm going to focus on all the "big girl" normal baby stuff she's accomplishing.

Her crawling is really coming along. I mean, she can crawl, but I'm not going to call her a crawler until she's up on all fours following me into another room (or leaving me to go into another room!). She seems to understand some words, and occasionally tries to communicate back. She finds it very frustrating that she can't pronounce the word she wants to say. She's gone to a restaurant twice now, and sit in a high chair both times. She was very well-behaved. I was so proud. I'm still proud! Maybe it's just maturity but it's still nice to see how well-behaved she is. She's been very cool about strolling along in her big girl stroller even tho she still seems to small for it. Usually giving her a sippy cup of juice works wonders. She can mostly sit up unassisted by herself, but the minute she gets bored or distracted she falls back over so I'm not saying she sits unassisted. She is doing really well with standing. Sometimes it's difficult to determine if she will walk first or crawl first. She didn't panic at the Easter Bunny like we thought she would, which was a pleasant surprise. She still has some separation anxiety, so she didn't play as well with the group of babies at the picnic as some others did but she did get relaxed and at least sit with me on the ground with them. She can feed herself and use either sippy cup (one with handles and one without). We're still working in "big girl" food, like grapes and pieces of beef or chicken. She's not really a fan yet, but we're working on it. So she has some stuff still left to master, but plenty of other things under her belt.

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