Friday, April 29, 2011

9 month check up

Today was Ellie's 9 month well-baby check up. The entirety of the appointment was schizophrenic. At first Dr. W felt that perhaps she wasn't gaining enough weight, eating enough or her head size (16") was too small. But then he reviewed what documents he had, which read they wanted her to gain between 6-11 grams a day and she gained 10. She grew 3 inches. She gained over 2 pounds. The nutritionist wants her to be 14 lbs by the end of next month and she is 13 lbs 4.5 ounces today. Well on her way to 14 lbs. The pedi wants her to take 4 bottles a day- fat chance. It almost conflicts with how the GI wants her to take in more solids. So I just cram more and more food in her however I can. He held out a tongue depressor, she grabbed it and was "regarding it" as he said. He thought that was WONDERFUL! When he did his exam of her he was absolutely giddy that she had such personality coming out (I didn't regard it as her personality as much as her being pissed off that he's messing with her). He was concerned that she wasn't crawling on all fours or pulling herself up yet. Her gave the ok for her PT eval 2 days ago so I'm assuming it will be scheduled next week. He said she needs to follow up in one month, so he's giving her another month to sort of pull it all together before intense, regimented PT is ordered. We'd both also like her speech to come along a bit better. He was thrilled that her jaw was really coming out, thanks, I think, in part to her TWO front bottom teeth racing to come out. He asked me several questions that I was way ahead of so he said I was doing everything perfectly (glad to hear a professional praise my mothering so highly). He asked about her toothbrush, sunscreen, and hat- all of which I told him we had been using for quite some time. So overall he was very pleased with her growth and maturity, and giving her a month to catch up to other babies. I'm not sure how I feel about this, however, since I feel like other babies get 12 months to perfect crawling and speech. Maybe I'm wrong. Half of me thinks it doesn't matter because I'm going to freak out and she'll just wake up and do it like she always does. The other half of me is thinking there's no way we're lucky enough to have a "special" baby that doesn't need intense PT.

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