Friday, June 10, 2011


Thought I had posted before now. Shame on me. Ellie's tooth is very prominently sticking out. We are enjoying it thoroughly. My husband calls her "snaggletooth." HA! PT is still having its benefits, I guess? She was doing so well and then suddenly she got worried about falling and won't pull to standing without me right next to her, or even sit alone. She did sit alone for PT the other day, and it was about all she did. She refused her afternoon nap so she was in a bad, bad mood for PT. She is rocking back and forth on all fours and most of tonight I was holding my breath as it looked as though she was about to crawl at any second. It made me so sad, I was certain if she did it I was going to cry. In any event, she ended up not having food poisoning as she was still sick the next day but no vomiting. I took her to our pedi's office, although our favorite pedi wasn't in, another doctor saw her. He said she had a stomach virus that had moved into her lungs (which, for the record, she later transmitted to me). She got some liquid albuteral to help her cough it up. She was perfectly fine in a matter of days. (Also for the record, it took me a bit longer)

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