Wednesday, September 14, 2011

1 year check up w/EI and PT

Since it's been 1 year since Ellie started Early Intervention w/Babies Can't wait/Children First/Easter Seals. Our social services coordinator came back so we can set new goals for the coming year. Last year our goal was to have Ellie be able to sit alone so I can leave the room without falling over, and if she did fall over, to be able to catch herself. We're MILES past that point. Really, all that's left is walking and talking. Our services coordinator even said once they stalk walking often a huge upswing in speech will follow. Our PT was there during the one year eval and was exceptionally helpful in helping the coordinator fill out all the paperwork. I guess since she knew what the paperwork was looking for, she knew what to say to help the coordinator in filling it out. Ellie's met a ton of milestones. In fact, the coordinator was almost reluctant to mark Ellie as "delayed" but the PT convinced her that Ellie was moderately delayed so we could continue LOL. She said her speech and walking was delayed so that was good enough. Our goal is to have Ellie pick up and put toys away in her box via walking. Although it looks like Ellie will be walking soon and we'll be able to voluntarily back out of the program. We can re-enter if we feel she's starting to lag behind again. It makes me happy and nervous.

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