Friday, September 30, 2011

How to keep perspective

You may realize logically that people have it worse off than you. You may not ever meet a starving Ethiopian or know someone personally who is homeless. You drive by a hospital and know the people in there are worse off than you. You will know, logically, that those people exist and that "they" are worse off than you. Sometimes, however, it does help to know, to feel, to interact with someone who is, in fact, in real life, in front of your eyes, worse off than you.

Ellie just turned 14 months. Much like crawling, she seems to have the mechanics of walking down, just not the confidence or desire. It sort of hurts my heart. I know I'll be semi-regretful the day she takes off running and hurts herself as she knocks everything I own to the ground. Her friend has started walking which makes me hurt more. I was so depressed I told other special needs moms that I gave up, she is never going to walk. I refuse to stop being hurt about it.

A mother responded:

Our son is six and has been walking really well by holding our hands for the past 3 months I would say. He has been using a walker for almost a year and is a pro at it. We are starting hand crutches now and moving to the next stage to walking without any assistance. It may take time and patience but it will happen and be so worth it in the end!! :-)

6. Her son is learning to walk at SIX. I need to shut up.

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