Thursday, October 13, 2011


She is eating so much better and her little Buddha belly keeps peaking out. Love it! She eats at least 3 pouches of puree a day. Some days she drinks 3 pediasure a day, other days its one or two. She has two front bottom teeth, one front top tooth and her side tooth is coming in crooked, just like mine (unfortunately). We got her a walker off craigslist for $50. She warmed right up to it, thinking it was a toy. She does seem to really like using it tho. We walked to the mailbox and back today and she had an absolute ball. Maybe she just enjoyed being outside for a change! Her 15 months appointment is coming up. Some days I think she's heavy and big, and other days I think, she doesn't even feel 17 lbs! Still mostly babbles but I heard from her PT that now speech therapists are looking more at what a baby understands then what is said back. So its not the speech that they're worried about being delayed; people talk when they feel like it. It's the cognitive development they want to watch. That eases my mind somewhat since Ellie seems to have a wonderful understanding of many things.

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