Thursday, December 8, 2011


Not really. That's why I haven't posted in over a month. She can walk, she just won't. She hasn't said any new words, just babbles. Speech therapy is going to be a long process, I can tell already. Tomorrow I'm considering getting her weighed in hopes of dropping the GI. The GI appointment isn't until the end of Jan (thought it was Dec but when I called, they said no appointment was on record). So my thought process is that if I get her weighed at the pedi, and she's 18 pounds, maybe we can tell the pedi to contact the GI and have her dropped. Pipe dream, I know.

Anyway, back to walking. The PT and I are still pulling our hair out wondering why on Earth Ellie is refusing to walk. She's physically capable, she just doesn't want to. The PT assumes its because crawling gets her everywhere she needs to go (and she can do it at a very high rate of speed). She has very poor spatial awareness so we're working on falling (putting cushions everywhere and just letting her fall onto them when she reaches the end of the couch). PT says she has a contraption of some sort that someone built for her that she will bring to the next session. Which leads me to my next thought process.

Losing PT. If PT is out of tips and tricks, and we can't make Ellie want to walk, maybe its time we save our sanity and give up on PT. Technically Ellie isn't behind yet (18 months is behind), although she's getting there rapidly. On the other hand, I don't want her to start to get behind. Still, walking is the only working on and Ellie will do it when she wants, and not a minute before. Of course, if Ellie is going to start daycare in January, we need her to be walking before then. Cutting out PT could make that more difficult. It's not like we're paying for it, and the PT has been a great success until this point. It's only costing me my sanity and time at this point.

Decisions, decisions.

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