Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Speech Therapy, Buckle Fracture of Tibia

The first time at speech therapy was great. Our homework is to teach her to plug her nose and puff out her cheeks so she can say "puh puh puh peas" for please or "buh buh buh bye." She was doing it within an hour of getting home. Meanwhile, today our private sitter called me to tell me that Ellie had stopped walking or putting pressure on her right leg and it was in my best interest to come get her and take her to the pedi, ASAP. The pedi was closed and I figured they were going to send me for Xrays anyway so I bypassed the middle man and went to a CHoA satellite center (on Satellite Blvd). At first the Xray didn't seem to show anything but then the Dr came back and said there was in fact a tiny of fracture in her knee cap, commonly called a "buckle." So they wrapped her leg in a splint and told me to call their list of ortho's the very next day. So far she just seems to be mad that she can't walk. It was interesting because the sitter said she never saw a fall, and Ellie never cried. We both manipulated her toes, ankles, knees, and hips with no response from Ellie. No wincing, no crying. I knew she had a high pain tolerance but goodness!

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