Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cast, talking, ENT, surgery

The next day we did go to the ortho that was recommended and got a purple cast put on. It came off this morning. She was walking on the cast but once it came off, it was weak and stiff and so she was super unhappy. Speech therapy is going well but this past Tuesday she was too tired to sign or talk. She has been progressing well, though. The therapist said the first session Ellie did nothing. The second session Ellie signed on her own 4 times, the session after that she signed 11 times on her own. The session after that was when she was too tired to sign. She was able to blow some bubbles and at one point the therapist and I swore she actually said "please." At her ENT appointment they pulled out the tube from her left ear, said there was some fluid behind it but that it barely made a difference in her hearing. This led them to schedule their appointment with the surgical appointment (which hadn't been made yet). So surgery then called me and scheduled her pharyngeal plasty for 12/12/12. Fun date, ha. However, I'm not sure if we're going to keep it or not. I'm not sure I want to "ruin" the holidays with Ellie recovering from surgery. Of course, with all the other things going on- my dad potentially coming back from CA for a visit, my SIL giving birth to a little girl, me re-entering the work force, vacation times of in-laws and ourselves... it may not be an option to celebrate the holidays in Miami like we usually do.

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