Thursday, November 8, 2012

GI appmnt, the "T" word

Ellie gained one single ounce between GS appointments. Her leg let her gain 3 lbs, but her illness made her lose 2. Now she's down to 20 lbs 12 ozs. No one knows why she won't gain but he again mentioned the "T" word (feeding tube). Worse yet, her next appointment is Jan 22 - AFTER her surgery to work on her throat. I'm thinking she won't really want to swallow too much after that. I almost feel like she's set up for for failure. Anyway, on Dec 12 he's going to biopsy her throat and see if there's inflammation causing problems. If there is, we put her on medicine depending on what the problem is (sugar breakdown, reflux, allergies). I almost hope that's the problem because I don't want her to have a feeding tube!

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