Wednesday, October 31, 2012

General stuff, maturity

Hubby said he felt Ellie was talking more, making more new sounds. I didn't hear it, really, but I think he may be on to something. She said "up" once last week outside of therapy. She did up her food/drink uptake and yesterday took a 3+ hour nap so I think we're experiencing a growth spurt. That said, Ellie has really come out of her shell. She's expressing herself more, she is talking more (well, trying) and being more mature with her potty indications and putting herself to bed. I even mentioned it to the speech therapist who agreed. ST said that she even noticed a change in Ellie, and if she can notice in a sterile environment where the ST is pushing Ellie to do things Ellie doesn't want to, ST can only imagine what Ellie must be like at home. On a slight side note, ST also said Ellie was, and I quote verbatim: "Very, very bright." She mentioned it because you teach Ellie something once, and she has it down within a day. Proud mommy moment. Tonight Ellie will be a monkey and I will be her banana as we take her for her first trick-or-treat outing.

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