Saturday, March 23, 2013

Transitioning to pre-pre-k

You read that right, it's not a typo. She has to transition out of the Babies Can't Wait program (part A) into Part B. I'm still a little confused, though. I'm not sure I have to make her go into preschool next year. If I do, it has to be in our county so she can continue services while in school. That said, if I go back to work, she will likely end up in daycare/pre-k anyway. The meeting was very simple. I had filled out a packet left by our services coordinator with all the info they provided. Ellie played in a room full of toys while the services coordinator, myself, and the other educational lady talked about her diagnoses. There was very general conversation about her well-being, not much specifics. The lady gave me a packet of info, like how they classify, identify, categorize, etc. the children. They also gave me a progress chart for 0 months through 5 years. It sucked. It made me feel like she was way further behind than I had originally anticipated. After much review and chatting with friends she's not as bad as I thought. Most of her other skills are either on par or ahead for her supposed age group. Only her speech is seriously lagging. At any rate, we'll worry about putting her in a program if I end up getting a job.

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