Thursday, April 11, 2013

Xrays, genetics

The skeletal x-ray was a nightmare. I didn't fully understand what was going to happen until we were in radiology. They take several x-rays of her body from head to toe. It takes 30 minutes. I knew Ellie wouldn't hold still for 3 seconds, let alone 30 minutes. They had to have several people try and hold her down. She became so upset she threw up, multiple times. The bone age test was just an xray of her hand, which I already knew. Genetics called with the results from the x-ray and the thyroid results from the blood draw we had to do (which cost us $950, thank you United Healthcare). The bone age test was fine, the bones showed no indication of Stickler's or other problems. Her thyroid is normal. So now why is she small? Does this mean feeding tube?

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