Thursday, October 28, 2010


I am glad that there is an entire team of people that want whats best for Llewellyn. I'm glad there are specialists for her to see and have genuine concern for her well-being. That being said, they can also get on my nerves. Case in point- the feeding/nutrition team. Llewellyn is small as a result of her PRS and she will likely always be small (or "dainty" as other PRS moms call their daughters). The pediatrician is always proud of her growth, noting she stays on the same growth curve, as she should. He even mentioned that he brags about her to people because she's never needed oxygen or a feeding tube and she's always continued to grow, no matter how small. I emailed her nutritionist, who replied that 15 ozs a day for a 3 month old is not appropriate. The nutritionist went on to say that she was going to talk to the feeding therapist and the surgeon's assistant on Monday and get back to me. I'm not entirely sure why because at our last visit all the did was hand my polymer to add to her bottles and send me on my way. I really don't know what the point would be, since I've refused a feeding tube for her. I may tell them to stuff it if they tell me to come in.

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