Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nerve damage & Neurology

The pediatrician agreed that her left side did appear to have some nerve damage to it and said we should see a neurologist. He said his assistant would coordinate the neurosurgeon and the ENT appointment, but she never did. She didn't call me that day, she was out the following day, and today is the pediatrician's day off each week. I scheduled the ENT appointment on my own for her hearing test (she puts her ear to my mouth to hear better and it causes me concern). I called the neurosurgeon's office and got an earful. Evidently not just anyone off the street can call up and schedule an appointment with the states ONLY pediatric neurosurgeon. Yep he's the only pediatric neurosurgeon in the entire state (which leads to a tangent for another day- as in, how on Earth is that safe or possible? If you want a recession-proof career, I got one for you). He's booked months in advance. In order to see him I first have to call my insurance company to ensure I have either out of network benefits or Gap insurance b/c he's not on anyone's health insurance. (My friend, a nurse, assures me this is so he can have complete control over who he sees) Then, if I have Gap insurance I have to get a reference number to give to the pediatrician. If my insurance company gives me a hard time I have to fight back and assure them he's not just any neurologist, he's a PEDIATRIC neurologist, and not just a pediatric neurologist but a pediatric neurosurgeon. In either case, my pediatrician has to call and convince him to look at Llewellyn. Then the neurologist will decide how important her case is and schedule her from there- either days, weeks or even months. Unfortunately, since she has nerve damage and there is very little that can be done for nerve damage I can only assume she'll be waiting a while. I probably need to gently remind the assistant to schedule it.

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