Friday, December 14, 2012

*brief* overview of surgery day

We checked in at 6 a.m., we were in pre-op within an hour and at 7:30 she was rolled back into surgery. There seemed to be some confusion w/the GI who wanted to do upper GI biopsies so instead she just had the ear tubes and the p-flap. CHoA was extremely busy so we were in post-op for a lot long than we should have been but it was fine, we were very well taken care of. A few of the nurses even remembered us (I venture to guess in reality they remembered our cute girl as Bryan and I are usually the type to blend in to the background). Both surgeons said the surgery went well. Dr. Gower, the ENT, said Ellie had fluid build up in both ears which she cleaned out. Dr. Williams, the surgeon, also said everything went well. Ellie was disoriented coming out of anesthesia and spent most of the day forcing me to hold her (it was fine to a point, then my muscles in my legs, back, arms, etc., started to ache and strain and hurt). I even ended up having to sleep in the crib with her throughout the night. I had packed for 3 days and 2 nights, since it took Ellie so long to recover from her palate repair. Nope, at 6:30 a.m., regularly scheduled Ellie time, Ellie woke up and was 100% her old self. She was throwing monkies, looking for trouble, pulling out plugs to all instruments, removing anything taped into or onto her body. She was talking, laughing, yelling. She brought me her shoes and ran around the entire recovery floor. the night before she went to bed she had some apple juice, and this morning she was eating and drinking like a champ. A nurse and I both remarked that if we didn't know better we'd think she just had a cold and nothing more. She wasn't sluggish at all, she hadn't need any pain medicine since 12:45 the day before. She went outside the playgound a bunch of times. Her speech and sounds has already improved, although I may only notice cuz I'm the mommy. At any rate, we were at CHoA for about 20 hours. Exciting stuff! I was convinced she would be recovering for over a week. What a champ my little girl is! Also need to discuss how the surgeon almost performed the wrong surgery!

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