Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Surgery, Mommy secret language

First, pardon my bad math skills but were in CHoA for more like 28 hours. At any rate, the best surgery recovery time so far. The PA Stacie said they were going to do the sphincter surgery but I said that my understanding was that Dr. Riski had not recommended the sphincter procedure (where they tighten the muscles around the throat to make talking easier) and instead had recommended the p-flap (closing off the vast open air space in the back of her throat). Stacie said she would note it and ask Dr. Williams. Turns out, p-flap was right. So glad I said something. As I mentioned previously, her speech has improved. Bryan says he can't tell any difference, not in pitch or talking. Meanwhile, I hear her say new things all the time. Maybe it's just the typical baby thing where mom has to translate for other people for a while. Or maybe its because I'm hearing what I want to hear. Or maybe I need to translate because I really am the only one who understands her new speech. We leave for FLA tomorrow, and I am hoping Ellie will want to show off for her nanny and buppa like she usually does.

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