Monday, November 8, 2010

Hearing Test Pt II, Rice Cereal

So the feeding team, specifically the nutritionist at CHOA, has been on me to have Ellie gain weight. Like I'm withholding food or something. Anyway, she got with my pediatrician to refer us to a gastroenterologist. I call, they tell me the one closest to my house has no availability until Dec 6th. Helpful. The one in Atlanta has an opening November 23. Great. So we schedule for Nov 23 even tho she'll be seeing her pedi for her 4 month check up the day before. I feel this appointment is going to be a waste of time. Her surgery is only a few months away, and we can't see the GE for another few weeks. Plus we get to add rice cereal soon so I think that will help beef her up, in addition to helping fighting her reflux to help her eat more. I gave her a touch of rice cereal today, she wolfed down the entire bottle in no time.

We went to have a second hearing test b/c Ellie puts her ear to my mouth which I assumed meant she wants to hear better. They confirmed fluid in her ear and accordingly she failed the hearing test. They said nothing to be concerned about, just need to wait to get tubes in the ear to drain the fluid. If she fails a hearing test at that point, THEN we can have some concern and justified worry. So unless she goes deaf or gets an infection there's nothing to do but sit and wait for the surgery. So I guess its good news, there's no actual hearing loss, they're fairly certain its just the fluid but I still don't like that she hears muffled.

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