Saturday, January 29, 2011

6 month appointment

Can't believe this slipped my mind. Twice, in a way. Ellie had her 6 month check up last week. I nearly passed out when the nurse said she weighed 10 lbs 15 ozs. I started cussing, over and over. She re-weighed Ellie and she said the most would be 11 lbs even. I was panicking. She lost weight. SHE LOST WEIGHT?!?!? Please no ng tube, we're so close to the surgery. Please no ng tube. Our pediatrician came in and said she had gained over 2 lbs since her last visit and he felt that was good. I guess he forgot that two weeks earlier she had weighed nearly the same exact amount (give or take 2 ounces). I'm worried that the surgeon is going to push back her surgery date because of her size. I don't know how rational that thought is, because I know all PRS babies are small and this surgeon prefers surgery at 6 months (the earlier the better is his motto). So the surgical pre-op is at 10 and the hospital pre-op with anesthesia is at 11:30. Both on my birthday. Rockin.

The reason I said twice is because on her actual 6-month "birthday" I completely forgot it was her birthday. Then I felt like a schmuck. Then I said, well, this weekend I'll get a cupcake with a candle for her. Guess what I didn't do? I know its not a big deal but I still feel crappy about it.

On the same note, Ellie fought her 6 month growth spurt tooth and frickin nail. Tired and fought sleep. Hungry and cried while being fed. No independent play, mommy needed to hold her all day every day. It was nightmarish. I did my usual routine of things to figure out what was wrong with her- gas drops, teething gel, constipation aids... nothing. I did my usual research and learned of the delightful 6 month growth spurt. I took a bunch of pictures, I heard that sometimes you can actually see how the baby has changed. I know this to be true of her earlier spurts but I haven't had time to reflect on the pictures of this spurt. I am happy to report she finally fits into some of her 3-month clothes.

The pediatrician said by her 9 month appointment she will be a whole new baby. I look forward to that very much.

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