Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stupid Wonder Weeks

Ellie has been exceptionally fussy today and I couldn't find a reason why. After all, she's eating like a champ, pooping just fine, sleeping through the night, no bright red gums from teething and she can't possibly be sick since she's still on penicillin. It may be a "wonder week"- aka a week where babies act differently because of a milestone (usually). A wonder week in this stage starts at week 23 and peaks at week 26, we're rolling into week 25. Evidently the baby's eyesight changes and they can now see near and far, so they begin to realize mom is out of reach, the toy is out of reach, they're way up high off the ground when being held, etc. That could be why. Or maybe she's just having an off day, everyone has them.

On another note, we're trying solids. I'm supposed to be pushing the sippy cup but I'm not. Its just not on my priorities. I guess it should be, I heard it helps after the surgery. So far she's had bananas, peas, guacamole and I made zucchini she hasn't eaten yet. I also need to find a peeler to make the applesauce.

While we're on the topic, her surgery is in 30 days. Yep, one month roughly. Another PRS baby, Zoe, had her surgery last week and the grandmother promised to update me on everything (knowing our surgery was just around the corner). I haven't heard back from her yet, I'm sure its been a very rough weekend for them. Ellie keeps trying to stick her entire hand into her mouth, and that makes me think she'll HATE the no-nos and be in them even longer than previously anticipated. Another PRS baby is having his surgery in March, and I made the same promise that was made to me- I would tell her everything and anything about our surgery so she would be prepared for her son's procedure.

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