Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ear infection

The holidays went really well, Ellie was spoiled from the grandparents, of course. We haven't had any PRS related problems until now. While PRS babies are prone to infection, Ellie had skated through with no problems until now. I was talking to several of my mommy friends as well as my sister and they all said their babies had various illnesses and not one had a fever. Dana said her Cara didnt even act sick. It was just the hives that made her go to the doctor. My husband had mentioned Ellie had kept her cough for a few weeks. I had said when he got the sniffles around the 10th of December that he had given them to Ellie but her nose hadnt run and her sneezes had been few and far between so I forgot about it. She was pulling on her ears but that seems pretty common, especially with babies that teethe. Then she started sneezing more. And the cough lingered. Still no fever but the runny nose came back. No vomiting, no random acts of fussiness. But all that my friends and family had told me was that this year, illnesses seem to be in hiding. So off to the pedi we went. Ellie weighed in at 11 lbs 2 ozs. So she's staying on her same curve, and inching closer to being on the chart with all the "normal" babies. He also said that with her trunk and neck control as well as her interest in whats going on around her, her verbal skills (she did say MAMA while we were in Florida for the holidays) and how alert she was that he felt she was acting like a 7-8 month old. Unfortunately he also said she had an ear infection but he was pleased that she had gone 5 months without an infection, a near record for a PRS baby. So she's on that penicillin that is pink and supposedly tastes like bubble gum. Hubby and I both had flashbacks, yuck. She tries to eat it anyway, even with the grimace on her face.

38 days until the surgery. The thought of it makes me tear up.

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