Sunday, January 16, 2011


I talked with a woman whose granddaughter had her soft palate closed surgically last week. She gave me a lot of helpful info. With Ellie's surgery only 23 days away, it was also somewhat comforting.

She told me that her surgery did last about 5 hours. The baby went back to the OR at 9 am, and at 2:10 they were all together in the recovery room. She also said a nurse would come out every 45 mins or so to assure them things were going well. I was surprised when she said her daughter held it together very well, only crying twice and once was because she was so sleep deprived (the other was when they first brought the baby out). Grandma said the baby was very swollen, and it was strange because the baby's features seemed to come back one minute to the next. They did end up having to stay 3 days in the hospital due to all her swelling. Also, she refused to eat for the longest time. After 3 days she finally had pudding for breakfast and was able to leave. I forgot to ask about tie-downs/no-nos. Anyway, the baby is about 98% back to normal this week, altho Grandma says still not entirely back to her old self. I had heard some babies bounce back within 48 hours but this baby was not the case. The baby is also a year old, Ellie will just be 6 months during her surgery. I said we were going in on a Tuesday, she said to plan to leave on Friday.


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