Friday, August 26, 2011

1 year eye exam

Most mothers of miracle babies will tell you they either (1) found religion or (2) have had a renewed faith in their religion. It's really hard not to when you see a child continuously make strides they were told they wouldn't be able to. When you see a child defy doctors and experts you can't help but be joyous and grateful to whatever is making the child take leaps and bounds. When you witness miracles on a fairly regular basis, you gain faith.

Today was Ellie's one year follow up to her eye exam. My Facebook status last year was: "And we strike out at the ophthalmologists office... at least the diagnoses become less and less serious. She's the slightest bit near-sighted in one eye. Glasses await her in the future." I asked the doctor last year if there was any chance her sight could improve and he gave me a strong no. I thought today would be filled with crying fits and a trip to buy some glasses. I prayed while we waited for the doctor to come see us. He examined her eyes and told us he was positive she would need glasses. Her eyes are perfectly fine! She doesn't even need to return next year. We get to wait until she's 3! Amazing!!!

We are still dealing with... something. I think perhaps a combo of teething and a growth spurt. Her temps are all over the place. She was 100.5 after her bath last night, 97.4 this morning. She gets cranky, whiny, needy. She's eating like a horse. She ate during all of PT so her PT says growth spurt. Her sleep is disrupted frequently. -+23 (Ellie says hi). Her drool has increased, she's biting on everything. Could be both. -*+99/ *(Ok Ellie thank you)

I am concerned about her weight, as always. I put her on a produce scale in the store and it said over 16 pounds. I knew that to be inaccurate so while at the post office I put her on their scale as well. That said 14 lbs 5 ozs. I hope that to be inaccurate. She must be 16 lbs by Sept 15th. I'll be trying to weigh her on Weds the 31.

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