Friday, August 12, 2011

Food for thought

Every mother asks "why?" when they have a special baby. They want answers. Sometimes it's something easy or logical, like heredity and genetics. Sometimes it's something more esoteric and philosophical like, "Because God chose you." Sometimes it even takes a long time to find out why, like if your baby is special so you can help someone a year or more from now with a special baby. We see this a lot in the PRS support group. So many of us are able to answer questions for new members, or frequent members with new problems. Sometimes, I think, though, it can be more complicated and per chance rewarding. I was devastated in the hospital. I found an old (several years) blog by a mom who blogged about her PRS daughter. I found a link to her new blog, which had a Facebook badge on it. I asked to "friend" her. I couldn't believe that there was a mom, on Facebook, with a daughter with the same disease. In fact, she lived in the same state. In fact, she lived in the same county! What were the odds?!?! I'm sure at the time she asked why, and I'd like to think it was so she could help me so many, many years later. Recently, a friend and neighbor of mine had a baby who has a genetic disorder. She's been distraught and confused. I'd like to think perhaps Ellie was special so I could help her. Perhaps.

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