Monday, August 1, 2011

Speech Therapy Eval

Ellie's speech therapy evaluation with Dr Riski was fantastic. She has no nasality and her palate seems to be working great. Dr Riski said he thought she had a small palate but I explained that she had one of the largest Dr. Williams had ever seen. He was very impressed with Dr. Williams' work (as am I). In any event, he gave me "Straight A's" on parenting. Ellie's speech is perfect, he wants us to keep reading to her, signing with her, talking to her, etc. He wants a big vocabulary which she will pick up as she ages, along with more verbal sounds (like "d" for dada). When we return in 6 months we will also see the pediatric dentist. She may still need speech therapy between the ages of 3-5 but right now, she's great!

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