Monday, August 8, 2011

1 yr stats, xray

She stayed 27.5 inches long. She weighed in at almost exactly 15 lbs, which is good because if we keep the weight gain no feeding tube. She seemed to check out just fine, and is in the normal range for development (no signs of delay or autism). The doctor said he expected her to be delayed b/c of all she had been through, whatever the hell that means. She presumably has low iron b/c he put her on an iron supplement twice a day. Anyway, he ordered an xray of her hips since she was breech and he hadn't ordered one previously. Today we went to our usual place- CHoA Scottish Rite. We got the Xray and I have a bad feeling. The Xray tech asked, twice, which hip I hear pop. She asked, twice, about Ellie being in physical therapy. She said to the tech student, "See on 2? Right there." to which the student replied "yeah I see it." And when I questioned the tech she replied, "I'm just gonna make sure a doctor sees it." So we're waiting for the call back.

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