Saturday, November 20, 2010


So we went on our second date night, nothing exciting- red lobster. For some reason tho my anxiety about leaving the baby skyrocketed. The first time - no issues. Second time- terrified. Maybe I was in denial at first lol.

Monday is her 4 Month Appointment, Tuesday is her appointment with the GI. I was originally going to cancel it but it seems her reflux has gotten completely out of control. The last 2 days have been nothing but vomit. It could be her teething but I dont think it is because its not always clear. BTW, got great info from my babysitter's mom about teething. My babysitter works with her mother at a daycare center and that brings me much relief. She is a great, smart, reliable girl who is very responsible. The fact that she and her mother are devoting their lives to helping raise other people's children makes me feel good. So anyway, my babysitter's mom said that (1) the low grade fever hits about 24-48 before the tooth breaks through so we'll keep an eye out for that- so far no fever. (2) The gums will look like someone beat the crap out of her- very red and swollen. (3) The first two teeth are the hardest, its all good after that. (4) She'll probably like the ice and/or frozen washcloth the closer the tooth gets to breaking through. Right now she acts like Im feeding her razorblades.

Anyway, back to vomit lol. Its been pretty nonstop but the pedi said if she has no fever, no pain, and she keeps peeing then it can wait til Monday. My concern though is all the weight loss that may have occurred so far. If our goal, and by "our" I mean the team at CHOA that call me all the freaking time about how she's not eating enough, is to beef her up, a lot of vomiting for a few days can't possibly be helping that goal.

The real issue with teething is about her jaw. She doesnt have a lot of room on her lower jaw for many more teeth than 2. This makes me think she may end up with distraction after all. Maybe Ill post on the PRN board to see if anyone else has had no distraction and teething before the surgery.

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