Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Neuro Appnmnt

The neurologist was a lovely older lady. And thankfully Llewellyn was her usual ham-self. She smiled, cooed, sat up, enjoyed being on her tummy (first time for everything). The best news, however, is that the neurologist found absolutely no reason for concern. She said Ellie does tend to alternate sides when moving her mouth, but when she full on smiles or full on cries, the left side comes alive. The neurologist further said it should only improve over time, and we have no reason for alarm. Phew! My concern, however, is that the neurologist asked about distraction. At the present time the answer has been no, but now Im wondering if they're going to delay the surgery in Feb and do distraction instead. Time to ask some questions on the PRS network. (I also want to know if she's physically capable of blowing raspberries)

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