Thursday, November 18, 2010


Yesterday was a pain- Ellie hadn't slept all night and didnt want to nap during the day. This meant I could get little to nothing done. I can accept that, Im a mom. Of course after 2 days on P90x I was sore as crap and really had no muscle strength so I couldnt hold her all day so there was a lot jumping from swing to bumbo to papasan. Husband was a jerk. I was really hoping today would be better. Honestly. Unfortunately all the saliva Ellie is making from teething has caused her to vomit repeatedly- she's currently in her 4th outfit and she's only been awake for 5 hours. So here are the good things that happened to me today- I found a nice uplifting quote. My in-laws sent me a Tday card, and Ellie a Tday card. I was able to get my work out in, albeit with many pauses and holding baby. Still need to do my sit ups. Middle ground- I am re-reading The 7 Principles for Making Marriage work because my patience is thin and hubby is about to get smothered in his sleep at this rate. The Bad- obviously, teething and vomit. We got denied Katie Beckett/TEFRA. I have some paperwork to take back to the pedi's on Monday regarding the denial. Still not ok with the pre-op paperwork staring at me from the coffee table. I also have to fill out her paperwork for the GI Dr on Tues this weekend (another appnmnt which will likely ruin my day). Could be worse. I dont want to know how, but Im sure it could be worse. Wish I could stay in bed. Guess I'll just try not to cry and wake the baby. She always looks at me funny when I cry, like "Ummm mom...? whats going on??" Which makes me feel even worse... not that I dont want her to see me cry, I just know she doesn't understand that sometimes mommy is emotional. And I can't explain to her that sometimes singing Christmas Carols makes me cry LOL. I can't help it, Ive never made it through all 4 verses of "Silent Night" since I was 12. LOL. Ah well. Buck up little camper as my friend Margaret says.

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