Friday, November 26, 2010


Yes, I realize its the morning AFTER Thanksgiving. So Im thinking Thanksgiving may be my favorite holiday. I found out last year Thanksgiving morning I was pregnant, and this year my giggly girl watched the parade with me in my bed. I was so happy most of the day I was teary-eyed (btw, what up with that? I was NEVER a crier before I had her, now I cry all the time!). I had to make a quick store run (was painless, really) to pick up milk and so I also bought non-toxic paint and we painted her hands and placed them on a piece of paper for "hand turkeys." She was not amused, but we were. And I think a lot of her family will be as well. Its pretty freaking adorable. Also, I got a TON of things done while the daddy-daughter bonding was occurring. I have to say, I dont remember the last time the living room looked this clean! I dusted, I vacuumed, I made a dozen bottles. Im still trying to organize some things (baby stuff, of course like magazines on the shelf and spoons, bowls and sippy cups in the kitchen) but I have to say between me and my lovely hubby we got so much done!

As for an update, Im on here because I believe its no longer a fluke- Ellie really is eating better! I was so worried the first day she was starving and the next day or so that she was just enjoying something new but we're up to Friday and she is wolfing these bottles DOWN. Not only that, there has been almost no spit up at all! Its amazing! Its damn near miraculous. Im considering calling the Vatican. She eats 6 ounces at nearly every feeding (doubling her usual 3 ounce intake), skyrocketing past her normal daily intake. She's averaging 18 ounces a day, when the GI Dr said she only needed 14, and I had calculated closer to 15 (14.5 to be exact) for hydration. Im really trying to be cautious and remain optimistic. All signs point to one fat, happy baby though!

On a related note, I love my mother in law. I know, Im one of the few. Yesterday she reminded me why I love her so much (although to be honest, I think about what an amazing person she is all the time). The minute she read the email I had sent to the family about the disappointing GI appnmnt, she called us. She started out with Happy Thanksgiving, asked if I was in the middle of something (so polite) and when I responded no I could hear her sigh in relief that we could talk about the situation. She sounded so worried and sad about what had happened, and then tried to cheer me up by expressing how wonderful she thought I was doing with Ellie, how she knew we were trying so hard and doing everything we can, and we were doing such a great job and fighting so hard. It was really sweet. My mother in law used to work in nursing homes, and her generous heart knows no bounds. She bends over backwards repeatedly to make everyone happy. I dont think she's had a hot meal in her life- the minute your glass is empty or food looks low she jumps right up. She often gets trampled in the process, because she allows herself to be kind to a fault (read: doormat) but I really dont know anyone who really gives until it hurts. I have no doubt there is a special place in heaven for my mother in law.

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