Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ABR Hearing, Social worker

So. First thing this morning I called ChoA and requested an ABR test. First available? April 4th. Yep, after all that I managed to shave off a whopping FOUR days of waiting- from the appmnt on April 8th to the test on April 4. Go me. Shortly thereafter we got our routine visit from our social worker (in the State of Georgia, if your child is deemed special needs or medically fragile or the like, you are automatically put in touch with social services). I like our social worker, she's a lovely person. She often, however, offers no insight. She just asks if Ellie has hit certain milestones, which technically can be asked over the phone. In either case, I have to straighten up a bit, work out Ellie's nap schedule so she's awake when the worker comes, and throw the dogs out when she arrives. Today was worse for the dogs because it was POURING outside, and even though I let them into the sunroom, they only scratched and cried at the door. Awful. Then we had to go through the monsoon to Walmart to pick up her can of polycose which wasn't ready yet- evidently the pharmacist said 2, I heard 10. I also got texts from my husband explaining what a bad day he was having. Now that I finally have a "break," I get to read ignorant posts on the internet. Like how being gay is a choice, and they're choosing to be damned! Awesome. I'm also reading about all these babies leaping through their milestones- pulling themselves up to standing, saying new words, crawling, sitting up unassisted. I know better than to compare Ellie to any other baby, not just for medical reasons but just for sanity's sake. It still breaks my heart. I know it shouldn't matter but I know she'll be behind, and I am doing everything in my power to make it so she's not. But it's going to happen. And everytime I hear about the progress of another baby it just makes it that much more evident. So I'm stressed. In a bad mood. On the positive side, another PRS baby went through palate and ear surgery and came out with flying colors. Always relieved to hear another baby on the road to recovery. I will try to focus on that.

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