Friday, March 4, 2011

Surgical follow up

The appointment went exactly as I thought it would- he said she has recovered nicely and if we want to let her try to drink from a normal bottle she can. I explained she already had mastered sucking so that would not be an issue, but keeping her hands out of her mouth (as well as other objects) was a battle. He said don't knock ourselves out trying to keep things out of her mouth, and that the stitches should fall out next week or so. He also said the next time he would see us would be at the 12-14 month mark for speech therapy. Depressing. The assistant gave me the speech therapist's card and said to call soon because it takes a while to get in to see him. I can only assume that's because much like the rest of the children's hospital specialists in Georgia, he is the only one. In either case, trying not to look a gift horse so to speak so just enjoying that the surgery hurdle is now behind us. It was a big one. The big focus of my anxiety now is Monday.

Monday is the follow up hearing test. I am heartbroken to think Ellie may have serious hearing problems. Sometimes I think that's the most ridiculous thought in the entire world because she jumps when I even talk unexpectedly. She startles when I laugh hard. She did say "mama" before she even got her ear tubes put in and she's a big fan of saying "oooooh." Sometimes it even seems like she's trying to talk, even though its obviously pure gibberish. Other times, like when she just grunts, or sounds particularly nasally I think, she can't hear at all. She has no idea what real voices and sounds actually sound like. I guess we'll find out Monday.

I am taking Ellie with some other babies and their moms to the Tennessee Aquarium tomorrow, so it will be a good chance for both of us to see how well she's doing.

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