Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hearing follow up

This is why God chose me to be Ellie's mom. So yesterday the entire hearing situation was a fiasco. Today was a new day. Today was the day I kicked medical butt in the name of my daughter. Again. I'm almost getting tired of having to grab the medical community by the collar and shake them. Anyway, audiology called to schedule the appointment and I left a message for the audiologist. She returned my call and said they want at least 2 attempts on record before giving in to an ABR. She also said they were only waiting 4 weeks, which wasn't that long. I reminded her that in the world of infant development 4 weeks is much too long. She said she would talk to the physician on Thursday about my concerns. I called the pediatrician and said Ellie failed the hearing test and I want an ABR done pronto. He agreed and put in the order. Tomorrow I schedule the test.

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