Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Mother's day was fine. I enjoyed my Italian restaurant meal.

I got a call Monday that her PT eval is Weds @ 2:15 pm. This was timely since today was Gymboree play and music (or something like that) day. She hated it. The current theory is that she was tired b/c I had to wake her up to get her out of the car and into Gymboree. So in her head- she's asleep in the car, awake in the heat and sun, then cold room filed with babies, loud music, and a ton of color stuff. She clung to me for dear life the entire time, and cried a few times. When we did the same moves at home tonight she didn't seem quite as resistant. After the class I gave her a bottle and all through the mall she was a delight- squealing, playing, giggling. She even slept on the way home and in the house when I brought her in. In any event, I paid for 4 more classes so we're going to keep going. Hope PT goes well.

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