Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I'm so happy this Mother's Day. Not only because it's my first one ever, which is exciting unto itself, but because Ellie has made it the best one there ever could be. :D This morning she pulled herself up from sitting to standing all on her own, and then later she gave me a kiss. We've been filming her walking towards me for a while now, so perhaps physical therapy won't be as much in the picture as we previously thought. Her attempts at crawling are coming along nicely as well. I've also gotten 50 free prints from Shutterfly and a groupon for 53% off KidtoKid! I was planning to go there today anyway, but I should find out if its open or not first :D I plan on going to my favorite Italian restaurant for an early dinner, so let's hope the rest of the day plays out as well, if not better.

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