Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Physical Therapy

The PT lady was nice enough. Ellie has a very weak trunk and weak joints, which is probably due to the Sticklers. Ellie was also very shy and reserved. She didn't want to talk much, or really do a lot of anything. It was still a good eval, I guess. The lady said that Ellie had low tone but that it was easily correctable. However, it was interesting to note, even by her, that Ellie seems to have all the necessary skills but for whatever reason won't compile them all together so she can do more. PT Lady noted that Ellie clearly shows a desire to do more, but for whatever reason just can't coordinate it well enough to do it. I mentioned Ellie can get up on all 4s but only in her crib. She said that she was working with another kid who will only walk unassisted when on the couch or bed. The minute he touches the floor he sits like he's fully incapable. Welcome to the party, champ. She also said to keep going to my free sessions of gymboree, it can't hurt and if nothing else will help ease the stranger/separation anxiety Ellie seems to have. At any rate, Ellie was showing enough that it seemed to me PT Lady got what she needed. She saw Ellie roll around, coo, get up on her elbows, put her butt in the air, keep her hands up like she's being robbed at gunpoint, sit for a long time, play with toys, etc. She showed me how to get Ellie up into sitting position from laying down. At least it seems this is one thing that's not my fault. And if she's right, easily curable. Just still makes me sad.

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