Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 13- God is good!

We have our baby back!!!! I can't say enough good things right now. I didn't call my husband to tell him all day for fear of jinxing it. She had no drainage last night. She was happy and smiling this morning when I woke her up for her pediatrician appointment. I gave her Tylenol in case she was getting a shot. She ate a good breakfast, didn't fuss in the car. She laughed in the pediatricians office when I played with her. She didn't cry in the car ride home or in Publix. The entire day was happy, laughing baby again (well, with the usual nap time/bed time fussiness). Even my husband was able to hold her and play with her and get her to smile and laugh.

On a related but side note: Ellie's pediatric office absolutely adores her. Everyone stops to say hello to her when she's in the office. The doctor even said he loved her, literally. When he was able to get her to drink from a cup, he was ecstatic. He hoisted her up on his shoulder and carried her through the office exclaiming "I got Llewellyn to drink from a cup!" He kept telling me how exciting it was, and how excited he was. Its not that I wasn't excited, it's just that I wasn't as excited as he was because I already knew she could suck, and she could drink from a cup like a big girl.

I hope its not a fluke and that my happy baby will be here to stay!

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