Monday, February 7, 2011

Day Before Surgery

For the record, yes, I did have multiple anxiety and panic attacks last night. I thought I was going to vomit at one point. No one slept. Ellie woke up every 2 hours, I barely went to sleep in between her waking up and my being awake kept Bryan awake. With any luck that means we'll all sleep like logs tonight- hahaha.

The hospital called to confirm we are scheduled for 8 a.m. surgery, and we need to arrive at 6 a.m. which means waking up by 5 a.m. Lovely. Dr. Thomsen is doing the ear tubes. Dr. Williams will be doing the palate repair. Its gonna be such a long day.

The ENT is supposed to tell us about follow up and care. I hope they do. I'm also curious because they said some of the skin they'll be using for her palate repair will come from the area where her molars come in. So what happens when her molars come in? Is there still room? Is it going to be extra painful? I'm also really confused about post-op feeding. I know I am supposed to feed via syringe or Haberman. I emailed the feeding team and they said to continue using our fortified formula until she is meeting her proper hydration volume (and I am supposed to ask someone- don't know who- what that is). Then I talk with the pedi and the GI dr to determine where to go from there- do we not use fortification? Do we add back in solids? They did say it would take about 5-10 days to get back to normal feeding. Lovely. It was also "highly recommended" that we give her pain pills. This is gonna be so baaaaaaaaaaad. I know, think positive thoughts right? Well, in this instance I am working under the presumption that she'll be fine as far as surgery goes but the worse I make it in my head, one of two results will occur- I will be super prepared for the nastiness which ensues or it won't be as bad as I think.

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