Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 8- Sweet relief!

It appears we may be on the upswing. I hate to jinx it but its been an amazing morning and its only 10:30. Ellie only woke up when she was in an uncomfortable position last night. To be fair, it may have been fewer times if I had realized sooner her hair barrette went into her diaper. Her only cries were for hunger (she ate 4 ozs) and when she had a bad poop (which was still good for me b/c she finally pooped)! She's been a sweet girl all morning, helping me make her zucchinis for lunch and playing with her toys. Mornings tend to be her worst, if I remember correctly (and I really can't say if I do or not because my mind is mush), so we could be in for a good day. I even got to eat breakfast for a change! I've been listening to music for the first time in... who knows.... maybe I've hit a manic patch LOL... in either event I haven't decided if I'm going to cancel tomorrow's visit. I may do a last minute cancel, which is rude but I don't want to go in for no reason. I will keep updating.

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